Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Knittin' Gollum

Good gravy, take a look at the knitting gollum! My daughter took a pic of me with the newfangled camera, and made it into a link to my blog, on her blog. I'll post it here, as soon as I get home. Not flattering, but strangely I find it very funny. Her link is called HS Senior on my sidebar.Update: It is now called "Confessions of a H.S.Grad University Freshman" on the sidebar. It's a cool site--but you don't have to go there to see the Knittin' Gollum. She is now in residence as my pic on the Blogger profile. How incredibly flattering it is. In a larger size it looks way more manic and deranged!
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Sunday, July 10, 2005

28C is hot!

Can't knit anymore cuz it's hot out and I have to do dishes. No automatic dishwasher. No central air. So...

Strategy #1. fan

Strategy #2. Broomstick skirt worn as strapless dress:

The challenge: about 3 hours worth of dishes. The result of knitting on a stupid one-piece knitted hoodie for a week without stopping for basic house hygiene. Uck.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Are YOU having supper tonight? Barbeque? Restaurant? Foraging in the fridge for leftover meatloaf?

How about signing your name on the Live8 Petition? We are sooo fortunate to be able to do the above things. Let's tell them leaders to make poverty history.


here's the link. go to it. or not. But think about it every time you burp this weekend. Or let out your belt a little.
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Merino? Mohair? Alpaca? Someday!!

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