Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Fun

Well, things are lookin' up here. The other Sous-Chef (sp?) is back at work after minor surgery, and I have time off from the kitchen. So just the rooms. There is nothing on the room-cleaning schedule, it is just blank. So I guess it is just me, although the boss is firmly convinced that the other lady, the one who quit, will be back next Monday to resume her job. This would mean: 1. The boss is crazy. 2. The only way to get vacation time around here is to quit and come back. Neither is a pretty picture.

So on the KNITTING front, which is a much more pleasant subject, I found another neat blog. (I find them all by accident, and I don't seek out more knitting blogs, because there are a GAZILLION knitting blogs. I don't have time to KNIT, much less go lookin' for more to read. But, I followed a cool comment on the Yarn Harlot's June 23 post, and found out who Roxie of the comments is. Click on this post title to see her.

I'll write more when there's more news. Over and Out.
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

What the heck have I been doing?

Well, kiddies, I just got home from my job. I signed on at the local hotel for employment. You can click for the rest of this post, if'n ya wanna know what I do. You still with me? Great. I signed on to this job as a housekeeper. Maid. Chambermaid. Cleaning lady. You get the picture. This little local hotel has a bar, restaurant, and 12 rooms to let. 2 rooms are used by the owners, and one room still has the stuff belonging to the late father of the former owner. 2 owners ago. (In a small town, things like that happen. Mike sold the hotel to George, and then George sold it to Etinder and Gagan's family. I think they are family, or maybe just Managers, I am not sure. Etinder signs my cheques, anyway.) There is a rumour going around the coffee shops that the hotel has been sold again. This always happens, and the scuttlebut is usually wrong. I know I haven't been told anything. Anyway...

So just when I'm getting the hang of doing the rooms in a prompt and efficient manner, the Chief Cook informs me that I will be doing cooking duties in the restaurant 2 days a week. YIKES! I told them I am not sure I am the one for the job, but everybody keeps telling me, "Not to worry, don't panic, you'll do fine." Right. Hubby and I are the Adult ADD Poster Children. It takes me a long time to get into a routine. Way longer if I have to make up the routine myself as I go along.

Doing the rooms is OK. I figure I have stayed in enough nice (and not-so-nice) hotel rooms in my lifetime, I know what hotel patrons want: cleanliness. And convenience. The first few times I did rooms, it took a long time, mostly because there were a couple of things I had to do, so I thought. Then I had to start arranging the "maids' room" a little.

Now the lady that was the maid when I started is quitting. Yikes. I am not sure yet what happens now, do I get all the maid work? Do I still cook 2 days a week? The maid I am talking about also worked in the kitchen a few days a week, but disliked that duty a lot. The lady that worked in the bar a lot was transferred out of town with her husband and his job, so they have a new girl in the bar. Plus the lady who did rooms, who is quitting, was also working in the bar. I think we may be getting short-staffed!

There was an array of waitresses working in the restaurant, but some of them are finished at the end of June, I guess they are high-school kids who want a fun summer life. One of them is going to hockey school, I think. So my darling daughter, who thought the waitress job was so part-time she needed another part-time job to make enough money for university, had to call off the second job already. I guess that's a good thing. She is so good at the waitress job, it shocks and pleases me no end. Greeting customers, serving the water and taking orders, taking the coffee, soups, salads, the entré (when the cook puts it up, on the "ready to go" shelf with the heat lamps), the desserts, ringing in the payment, cleaning the table for the next customers...whew! And the restaurant has, I dunno, 15 or 16 tables? And the customers fill and vacate these tables in no particular order? Aaaughh! I surely couldn't do this. But she does great, and the tips make the difference between a crummy minimum-wage job(i.e. chambermaid) and a good job.

Hey, I get tips too. So far: $3.06, 6 beer, a chocolate bar, a miniature chocolate bar, and a packet of Kool-Aid. Not just any Kool-Aid either: Mystery Flavour, Mystery Colour Kool-Aid. Woot! That was today, actually, I can hardly wait to make it tomorrow.

So that's what I been doing. Now I am going to log off, and go shower off the layers of sweat and deep-fryer flavour and aroma. Talk to you later.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Well, hello there. SURPRISE! I am making a post. I had to take a hiatus from knitting, blogging, and a lot of other things I really enjoy doing, to concentrate on cleaning up the poopy mess left by my failed business. That, and finding a new job. Since I kinda like the analogy, about that poopy mess? Let's just say we scrubbed, sprayed it with Lysol disinfectant, and threw a scatter-rug over it. Every few weeks, around payday oddly enough, I will trip over that scatter-rug and lavish some hard-earned money more disinfectant upon the ugly, reeking mess spot. For about the next 20 to 30 years. (I smell a book here..."Kill Your Ailing Business Before It Tries To Kill You!")
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