Sunday, February 26, 2006


Ahoy Mateys! We made it! We have achieved the near impossible. Click on the link at the end of this post to see.
Here you can see the erratic photography of an excited knitter. I cut off the top of the hat in this picture, but it is done.

I thought I should show the hat on a real head, but the only one available at the moment is DS15's buddy, OPS15 (Other Pirate Son 15yrs.old). OPS15 has way less hair, and a bit less head circumference than DS15, but DS15 just went down to the rumpled Rumpus Room after trying it on a few dozen times for me, sans photographic evidence. He refuses to come up again, hence this pic.

I will tack on a proper pic of DS15 in the hat asap.
Update: managed to snag this one pic of Busy Man. (The top of the hat is there, just camera-shy.) Everything about the pattern went according to plan. I did not finish off the top with the called-for three inches of i-cord, knotted cutely. No pom-pom, either. Busy Man wanted it finished cleanly, so I tried to finish it without the point on top that my hats used to get, and (thank God!) it worked: a nice clean flat top.

Woohoo! it's over!


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