Sunday, January 29, 2006


I am shocked to discover that I am relatively committed in a knitting project relationship. Many extremely funny blogs ( Yarn Harlot leaps screaming to mind) are based on flitting from one yarn and/or project to another. I laugh at them until I cry. Then I go back to this:

I have turned it 90 degrees so you can see it: The left arm on the left side, the front part (so far) on the top, the back at the bottom, and the neck hole that looks surprisingly right for a neck hole. If you click on the image, you will get the original orientation, which is much less nauseating to look at. It shows all of the approximately 250 stitches splayed out on a loveseat in all their monotonous stockinette glory. I made the body part longer, since I am (ahem) fond of draping fabric in an effort to hide the hips. (Doesn't work, but it's a compulsion. That silhouette of me by the title is pretty accurate.)


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