Wednesday, September 08, 2004

It's a Tilley Hat! Or is it?...

Click the post title to see where I got this picture. A genuine Canadian treasure.

My latest WIP - A knitted version of a "Tilley Hat" for my Dad.
The real Tilley Hats are the Canadian version of the adventure hat. The tough, unsinkable, indestructible hat our troops (and other countries' troops, I'm told) wore for the first Gulf War. Guaranteed to survive the digestive tract of an elephant and the industrial strength cleaning necessary afterwards. (Eeewwww!!!)
My Pa-in-law, who I always refer to as "Dad", has never tested his Tilley hat that way, but he wears it for backyard and vacation adventures.
My own father, who I always refer to as "Dad" (confusing--let's call him Gigi), does not own a Tilley hat, but both Dads have a humungous head size--about 23 inches. So, since my kid's Gigi (grandpa) was going on an adventure to "The Old Country" with his brother, and since I can't afford a real Tilley at this time, I decided to knit him one. My Bernat Handicrafter dishcloths have been tough, unsinkable, and indestructible, right?
Well, I might as well admit it right now, I missed the trip, but it will now be part of his Christmas present.
Below is pictured ersatz Tilley Hat. (Crappy colour shown. In real life, the colour's pretty close.)


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