Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Flylady's gonna help me.

Okay, so I am trying to tidy up around here, mostly 'cause I want to show off my WIP, but I can't because there is nowhere in this house clean enough to photograph. Not a couch. Not a few square metres of carpet. Nothin'.

I looked up the Flylady again yesterday, thinking she would inspire me to move. She inspired me last night; I stopped moping around 'cause hubby's off trucking, long enough to...tidy up my sidebar links and redesign my template. Nothin' like housework avoidance! But it will get better. I can feel it. A little prayer, a little light and fresh air (while we still can) into this house, and I'll be humming along.

Yeah, I gotta stop doing stuff at night. I am not creative then, just tired and stoopid. I made a bunch of underlined stuff that are not links, and my links have colours that are not pleasing to me this morning. Oh well.

Onward! (Gotta key up, here: YEEEEHAAAAA! )


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