Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Urge To Destroy

What a crummy week this has been! The weather was supposed to be nice, but hasn't been. I know I shouldn't complain, since we have not had any (floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow, earthquakes--pick one), but what with BSE and hail and too much rain, our little farming town is in a baaad mood.

Anyway, I have to put this knitting blog thing on hold for a while, so that I can make a new weblog to learn about html and "hacking" the code to make it look like I want it. I am one of those people who can't work at a computer until I have my own wallpaper up, and have attached my own stupid sound bites to each action (like having the sound of a gunshot instead of "bing!" when you hit the wrong key!).

Sadly, I am not a hacker. I have to sweat bullets with the manual right by my side in order to get anything done in the way of technical stuff; but these articles in Blogger have given me such an urge to dink around with the look of my blog that I can't stand it anymore. Gotta be done.

I filled in a "link" field with the url for the article that has inspired me. I hope I don't cause trouble for anyone else. But I will be back when I have done my "hacking" (har har har--wish me luck) , and have gotten a decent camera that can take pictures of knitting while indoors. Our super--cheapie camera has no flash, and that means just what it used to in the old days of instamatic cameras--outdoor only. Dragging your knitting and a backdrop out to the backyard really sucks.


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