Wednesday, November 03, 2004

New Name, Etc.

Well. I can't believe I am about to do and say this stuff, but: I am changing the name of Bozo the Poncho. I have had a huge change of heart about it the past couple of days. It is growing on me: the cheerful mix of two wildly different but complementary variegated colours; the uncanny way the sock yarn stands out on the needle and keeps the fuzzy yarn in place, then quietly fades into the background of the fabric, popping out here and there only when a teeny touch of acid green or caribbean aqua is required; the furry yet liquidly draping fabric. It has also become fun to knit. I knew this when I reached for it instead of the Scary Pink poncho for my recreational, after-dinner knit.

So for all these reasons, I present to you: Fiesta the Poncho! (Sorry, you'll have to scroll down if you want to see it. Too tired to fight with CheapCam.) Olé!

Now for the et cetera part. If you want to experience the joy of the Old Spice commercial in your own life (you know, the one where the babe has the scent-induced "falling-in-love" flashback), then head over here. (Take Kleenex with you, you'll need it!) I had to go and read this while DTH (Dear Trucker Hubby) was in North Carolina. Sniff.

Way past bedtime here. Do the States have the Daylight-Saving-Time switch, too? I swear, the kids and I have a wicked little Timeswitch-Jetlag/Hallowe'en Hangover. I don't remember the timeswitch EVER being on Hallowe'en before (probably only because my memory is crap). I think the Trick-or-Treaters pooped out early, because it felt later. Now, why can't I also wake up earlier, because of the switch?!

My friend Elaine hangs a sign outside her store. It's only fiftysomething sleeps until Christmas. Bah Humbug.


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