Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The State Of My Union

Well, here I am, folks, intending to blog every day. Can't promise anything, though. We've been burned too many times before, haven't we?
One thing I can do, as a fledgling blogger, is to NOT read everyone else's blogs before I do my own. Wrong Thing To Do. All I need to do is compare my post to a NorgeThingy, or a Yarn Harlot, to feel completely inadequate and illiterate. ( Please note, those of you who may puzzle at such a very short links list, that I read way more than that--there are a bajillion knitting blogs out there, almost all of them cooler than mine. I just stopped making links, there were too many.)
Another thing I am going to do from now on is have stuff on my blog that I care about, a wee bit more than just knitting. (Stuff like climbing out of a deep hole of depression, stuff like deep-seated feelings of anxiety and inadequacy? NOPE. All I am capable of saying on these subjects is: find God and a good doctor; & meds.) Stuff like my adorable kids, long-suffering friends, housework challenges. Stuff like my adorable trucker husband. Stuff like my adorable work-place, which I Can't Talk About Right Now. ('Cuz stuff is "in the works" there that I can't talk about yet, but I can hardly wait, lemme tell ya!)
I live in a reeeeeally small town, but it's not the smallest town around these parts! Try 800 people, folks! We have NO traffic lights, unless you count the blinking red light out on the highway intersection. It's supposed to draw attention to the stop sign which was placed there to try and prevent cars from just wandering onto the highway into the path of big tractor-trailer trucks. It has been working--lately. We are also a big enough town that our level-crossings over the rail lines have those cool flashing red lights. But no barriers come swinging down--we're not big enough for that!
Having said all that, I just Love This Town. Been here for 25 years, and I love it more and more, totally inexplicable. My sister (in-law) couldn't wait to escape--27 years ago. Graduated, and gonzo-alonzo, she was Outta Here. She thinks I am completely nuts.
Well, some more ranting tomorrow.


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