Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lookin' Up!

This News Flash just in:

The unusual quiet noticed by the Mamma last night has been explained by a dejected teenaged girl this morning. Lately, this young girl has been observed washing the dishes while digging the sounds of Hot 101.1 FM, Brandon Manitoba's purveyor of all irritating noises of the Blingy, Chingy, Diddy, Rappy, Hippy-Hoppy ,and Poppy varieties.

But yesterday, all that changed. Apparently, at noon yesterday, Most Depressing Day, rappy-hippity-hoppy became: 101.1 The Farm!

Yes! It's true! The teenage girl, a.k.a. DD17, is hanging a lip, but apparently it's nothing like the severe reaction from the Phat Kid. She "hates the oldies", according to DD17, who was bombarded with 70's and 80's as an infant, toddler, child, youngster...by her cruel parents. Yes, the music of my youth is now OLDIES. ahem.

Older folks were spotted around Kathenville with faraway smiles today. We don't listen to country, but we also won't have to be listening to blingy rappy hippy hoppy anymore. Things are Lookin' Up!


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