Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Reason

The Real Reason I haven't posted in the new year...

So this is the real reason I have not posted much in the new year: sheer and total embarrassment. This is the reason for the embarrassment: my complete lack of respect for a perfectly good, perfectly simple pattern.

The pattern is a Neckwarmer from an old (because I bought it, ancient is when my mom bought it,ha ha) Patons pattern book of goofy accessories.
(When I say goofy, I mean Black and Neon Fairisle hats. Need I say more?)

Now this pattern is simple. Do a front, do a back, seam one shoulder, pick up some stitches around the neck, straight knit a big chunk of k2p2 rib for a turtleneck, and sew up one seam. What's so hard about that, you may ask?

Nothin'! There is nothing tough about this, but Kathen just hasta mess with a perfectly good pattern, because she has delusions of grandeur. ("Oh, I used to knit fairisle sweaters, I'm a big shot.")

HA! Ya know why I used to knit fairisle sweaters in the round? Because I used to HATE TO PURL. There. I've admitted it. (My middle name is Pearl, for fsake. Thanks, Baba. Cool knitter's name.)

It is only since I have taken up knitting this last time, that something in my peabrain-to-fingers-network snapped, and I discovered myself purling with wild, carefree abandon, just as if it was just a flipside to the coin, and not a torturous dark side.

So anyway, the old feeling of "must use circs at all costs" snuck in and took over, so I sewed up both shoulder seams and started to work in the round instead of working back and forth a la the pattern.

Whatta mistake! The shorter (16"?) circ was really too long for a turtleneck, the stitches were really too stretched out. So I tried to change to two circulars, because I remembered the website instructions--sort of. I went around and around, accidentally changed directions, went around 1-1/2 times, changed directions, ½ a round, changed directions, started back. STOPPED. What the heck have I done?!?

Well. I decided to relocate my two-circ instructions, or split the work back onto straight needles again, whatever came first by the time I had finished all that crazy un-knitting. One stitch at a time. Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet.

Now I am going around ve-e-e-ry slowly on two circs. It is not really that comfy. I am trying to decide whether splitting it up and straight-knitting is advisable. If I have not reached the "fold" point of the turtleneck, maybe I will.

All this happened because I was scared to follow my desire -- knitting a real sweater, one with pieces you sew together, a sweater that contains some purling.

We ain't afraid of no stinkin' purling. Anymore. I shouldn't have to keep telling myself that. By the time I have finished this stinkin' neckwarmer, I WILL BELIEVE.


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