Monday, January 10, 2005


It is a bone-chillin', eyelid-freezin', nasty minus 35 degrees Celsius here on my little chunk of the Canadian Prairies.
How cold is that? Well, for anyone "Down South" who reads this:
We have electric heaters built into the engine blocks of our cars, so we can plug them in at night. It takes about an hour, according to DTH, to warm up the engine enough so that it will start in the morning.
We have a little thing called "Wind Chill" rating. If the wind is blowing at all, they report the temperature on the radio, not in actual degrees, but either how cold it feels out there, or how many minutes it takes exposed skin to freeze.
Today, it feels like minus 48. Exposed skin will freeze in less than a minute. Have a nice day!?!


Blogger Jacqueline said...

My siblings grew up on the praries and said that it wasn't until they moved to ontario that they found out that frost bite wasn't normal.

My sympathies are with you. I know of -35. I do not know of -48 and can only imagine.

11 January, 2005 12:24  

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