Thursday, November 25, 2004

Beautiful Knitmaster set!

Thank goodness I found my "Boye Knitmaster" needle set (old version of the Denise Set). I have never (touches wood) had them come unscrewed while I was knitting. I have always been really afraid of stripping those tiny plastic threads, but so far it hasn’t happened either (touches wood again).
I say thank goodness, ‘cause the border-hopping DTH is coming home for a couple of days! (It seems he doesn’t need to run south, because the Excited United States is in the throes of a long holiday weekend! Happy Thanksgiving to all my American relatives and friends!) Now I can hide my work from him on a spare piece of cable from the set. I wouldn’t want to give away any "Men in Hats" secrets.
Oh-oh...American Thanksgiving means it’s time to clean up the house for Christmas. Oh pooh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know mommy, there is the slightest chance that daddy dearest might read your blog. He read and posted on mine... Lotsa Love, The Gremlin

25 November, 2004 17:50  

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