Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ring, Ring!

Ooh, I am almost finished with my blog format. I think. I have been accepted into the Acrylics Anonymous Ring.
I think it's fitting, since I've lived in this town for 20+years, and only recently noticed that there is no wool whatsoever in the LYS. Fluffy, fuzzy, lumpy, bouclé, and at least 6 different colourways (a new word for me, have I used it correctly?) of camouflage yarn (I can hardly wait to see how that stuff pools, puddles, and zig-zags) but no wool.
Natural Fibre? Handicrafter Cotton, and huge 2kg bags of factory-end, 100% unknown fibre yarn. Looks like cooked spagetti.
Ya know what? The more I prattle on and on about this, the more I think--I just don't care! So what. I don't imagine myself using muted, heathery shades of anything anyway. I might have to drive for an hour and a half to Brandon (the small city) to go to Zellers, where they carry Red Heart, Bernat, and some Lions Brand. But--I doubt it.
I see a blue camouflage hoodie in my future. Hee hee!


Blogger unravelme said...

Hi, Kathen! I'm glad you're joining the Men In Hats knitalong, and I'll add your name to the list!

18 November, 2004 14:57  

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