Wednesday, November 10, 2004

*Bonehead Move #1

Speaking of Bonehead moves (as Fluffa! was, just the other day) I finished Fiesta the Poncho. No. What I did was knit until all the yarn was finished. Now I have to unknit a round so I have yarn to bind off with. I think I better check on the pattern while I'm at it.
*Actually, this is probably bonehead knitting move number 187 for this year alone, but this is the first one (at last count) to get star billing on my Fiesta blog entries. We will no longer discuss Bozo. Thank you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The poncho looks awesome. I know it's too late, but next time you don't have enough left over to cast off, do a "crochet cast off". Insert a crochet hook into the first loop on your left needle. **Insert it into the next (to the left) loop. (Two stitches on your crochet hook) Pull the loop furthest left through the first loop. Second loop remains on Hook.
Repeat from **. Make sense?

(Yarn Harlot)

13 November, 2004 08:06  

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