Friday, January 14, 2005


Very impressed was I, by the neat rows of buttons and the clean lines of the Knitlet blog, and I decided that my blog looked cluttered, like my kitchen. Time to take my rudimentary HTML skills and try once more to get the sidebar in order.

If you are reading this, take a look to the right. You may or may not see neat rows of buttons there. I tried, but it ended up looking like a snowplow had piled them in a heap, which squished into the posts. That and Unkymoods has disappeared--how depressing. I hope it comes back, they're cute.

Somebody please tell me if I am "stealing bandwidth". I think all the buttons are now pictures posted to my blog, with links under them. How do you "Make" a button, anyone? I use good ol' Paint on my Windows '98, and send it to Blogger with HelloPicasa.

It works for me, but if anyone sees themselves on my button collection and doesn't like the button, let me know. (I know I want to replace Stitchy McYarnpants with one of her new spiffy ones.)


Blogger unravelme said...

Hi, Kathen!

Don't know if anyone has answered your question yet about "stealing bandwidth," but if not, I'll take a stab at explaining it.

"Stealing bandwidth" is when you don't save a button to your own server, but instead just "copy" the link from the original source and put that code into your own code. So, when people upload your site, it's causing the original button's site to upload the image.

I use to save images that I want to put on my blog - pictures, buttons, etc. That way I'm not pulling bandwidth from someone else's site. And, photobucket gives me the html code I need to use in my blog.

As far as making buttons, I use Photoshop.

26 January, 2005 10:32  

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