Friday, September 24, 2004

Progress, of a sort

Now I'm in trouble. I stumbled upon a web-ring of Canadian weblogs, a ring whose members are pledged to use proper Canadian English. Impressed, I impetuously tried to join.
Aaaaacckk! What have I done? How on earth will my blog meet the standards? What if I accidentally misspell things, important things like "arbour", or "colour", or "cheque"? I can't use spell-check, can I? (No, Canadians do not write "spell-chequing", the word "cheque" is only for money matters.)
I always seem to get into trouble when I am flushed with my own success. Today I figured out how to personalize my blog page beyond my wildest dreams. The button for the web-ring even appeared on my blog--right where I wanted it to!--with a little disclaimer about why it may not work yet.
I have probably just found enough HTML rope to hogtie myself. Sigh.


Blogger ~*~Pooh-Bear~*~ said...

Just wanted to say that you have a fan.
I'm from Washington but I have always been interested in Canada, but never really knew anyone from there. Your Blog makes me want to read in a little more about the history, and present day, community activities that are going on in Canada.
Plus I love how you personalized your Blog. I'm still dinking around with mine so its bland now.

By the way, good luck on that web-ring. Even if you do misspell something, you could always revise it later on the Edit Post tab in Blogger.

24 September, 2004 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, it's all about the intention -- we aren't that pedantic! Or at least I try not to be... especially since I'm sure I make tonnes of mistakes of all sorts on my blog! Welcome to the ring.


25 September, 2004 15:53  

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