Monday, September 27, 2004


Well, I told my DD that I would finish knitting this "test ball" of yarn, and then we can measure the resulting fabric, and predict how big a poncho we could make with the six balls I have. Yes, I am stalling, sort of. I am going to knit up another test patch, but with something else along with the Cha-Cha, maybe. But what? Maybe some other slinky or perhaps ribbony yarn. A yarn without a gazzillion little rainbow hairs that prevent me from seeing any stitches.

This poncho was meant to be something easy to get me back into knitting sweaters, after a break of, oh, 15 years or so. A confidence booster, so to speak. I kept asking myself, "Kat, you used to knit fair-isle sweaters and buffalo sweaters in your youth, do you really think childbirth and childrearing has killed that many brain cells that you can't knit again?"; and I kept answering myself, "No! Of course not! I could still knit!".

Well, I think perhaps I shall set this aside for a bit, and start on a Very Harlot Poncho for myself...dig into the stash of acrylic stuff (no nice wool or soft cotton available around here, friends...not for about 70 miles (100 km). Maybe a nice variegated pink? (Eeeewwww!) If I can handle the results, maybe I'll join Acrylics Anonymous. He he!

Since I firmly believe nothing could be worse than this cha-cha stuff, I wonder: how many strands of sock-yarn I would need to knit at once to get gauge of knitting worsted??! I wonder what the fabric would feel like? 3 or 4 strands of variegated rainbow sock yarn, what would that look like?

(Time for bed, I'm losing it here!)


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